Thursday, January 8, 2015

Multi Doesn't Mean Single Has To Suck

So I had this discussion with a few people I know over the holidays, and it really is a simple one. If a major draw of a game is its multiplayer is a single player story mode or campaign really that important. Now this discussion was going off and on for a few days talking about how certain games treat this situation. So I will give you really what it all came down to.

What I really have a problem with is a game which focus is mulitplayer throws in a lackluster single player mode which really is insulting to the players. It is full of holes and the really does nothing to make you feel like part of the "world". FPS games are notorious for creating single player modes like this. Don't try to be something you aren't by trying to bring more players to your game. It is insulting to the players who are buying  your game for the multiplayer because you could have spent more time on it. Also for those who bought it for single player will never look are your series the same way. I am just as pissed off when this is done the other way. If a game is obviously a single player game don't give a multiplayer option which makes you wonder how it even made it to production.

What I argued for is a single player mode which teaches those not comfortable or familiar enough with the game to learn something. Really so when they finally make the jump to multiplayer they don't feel like the worst player in the history of the world. This doesn't mean the campaign has to be a masterpiece, but it has to keep the player interested enough so that they keep playing and keep learning. This really is what you want and really is what will bring new players to the game. Will make it less of a chore to invite new friends to play and really get down to what gaming should be and that is fun.

Now if the campaign is something special then it is on a whole new other level. Sure the game is built for multiplayer and that may be the case but you and even those who are jsut going to put endless hours into the multiplayer will play through it and enjoy every minute. When it got down to this I think Starcraft is the perfect example of this situation. It is built as an ESport no one is going to deny that, but it also has the campaign to teach the new players and keep the veterans interested to play through it.

So what do you all think? Do you care if the single player is worth playing? Do you mind if it seems to be just an addon to the game?

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  1. I think games just need to decide what they want to be and like you said don't have throw ins. I t really is insulting to the players playing their game