Friday, January 23, 2015

Orc Population Conundrum

Friday, yes it is here your weekend is getting closer and closer. What are you going to do with yourself? Well first I assumed you came here to check out what is going on with this week's Reader Post. This would be a good choice because we have an interesting observation from Cekrad about the Orc Population in the Warcraft Universe. So here it is have a look.

The matter of the orcish population has bugged me for some time. I realize the issue will most likely never be handled, but I found it interesting enough to discuss.

I'll attempt to recount what the orcs lived through:

  • After their defeat in the Eastern Kingdoms, part of the Horde was captured and imprisoned for ~10 years, during which many became lethargic. (imagine how many expired in the internment camps if you wish)
  • Thrall freed them with the aid of the Warsong and Frostwolf clans and they sailed west with humans ships, leaving the demon worshipping Blackrock orcs behind.
  • A storm forced them to an island near the Maelstrom; many ships lost or damaged. They were overpowered and captured by murlocs. Those who escaped struggled to leave before the island sank.
  • They crashed on Kalimdor; many ships destroyed. Separated, they wandered the wastes for some time.
  • They fought the centaur, humans, night elves (who had the upper hand and destroyed their settlements until the Warsong drank the blood), themselves (one can imagine tons of orcs dying here, but I found no confirmation aside from wowpedia listing the losses and heavy and massive), the Legion at Mount Hyjal (where their base was overrun and destroyed) and Proudmoore's forces.

This brings us to WoW, with the orcs starving in the barren parts of Kalimdor and the notable battles being the one fought by the Might of Kalimdor, the Outland (where they finally gained the Mag'har!) and Northrend campaigns with heavy orc involvement, and what could be considered the fourth war during MoP and Cata (where they gained the remaining Dragonmaw and Blackrock orcs).

Now come the interesting parts:

During the conclusion of the war, the supposed minority of orcs who supported Garrosh aimed essentially for world domination and put up a fight that made the Horde and Alliance finally work together. (see Vol'jin's 5.3 dialogue for example)
And finally, after all this, they still seem to be the wheels and engine of the unstoppable steamroller we call the Horde.

Do you consider them as such? Or do you see them more like the worgen, or how the trolls and gnomes were portrayed years ago? ("Gnomeregan Exiles", remember?) How do you think they should be portrayed?

I know that being a playable race, they must always remain, but I'd find it refreshing to see them more as the last members of a dying race, their glory days behind.

Look at Outland, this shattered memory of a planet. I would find it beautifully tragic to consider what we saw there the majority, the fate of the orcish race: Shattered Hand, Bleeding Hollow, Bonechewer, Laughing Skull, Shadowmoon, Dragonmaw; none of them saved by Grom's sacrifice, dying with their world, with the Shadow Council to keep them company.

There you have it. Quite interesting indeed I would say, would also agree that it probably will never be dealt with. Thanks to everyone who sent something in and have a great weekend!

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  1. Maybe they just have rabbit tendencies? Or maybe they fall from the sky when it rains