Monday, January 19, 2015

The Return Of The Levar Burtoncruiser

Monday! Now I know Mondays are supposed to be able me showcasing some form of Machinima or Animation or Live Action video of some sort for you all. What I am choosing to show you this week is one of the most exciting and intense games of Starcraft I have seen in quite some time. Also it is not a couple of pros playing. It really is jsut 2 everyday players participating in a Cheese only Tournament put on by LAGTV. If you don't know who LAGTV is then you are in for a treat and I really would suggestion you check them out. I also promise this may be one of the best games you would have had the chance to see in quite some time. So enjoy

Wasn't I right?

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  1. Wow that game was intense and awesome. Thanks for sharing and to think this is lower level play and still exciting