Friday, January 30, 2015

The Victory of the Legion and the Death of Thrall

So here I was reading through all of the submissions for this week's Reader Post when I came across this interesting idea for an expansion for World of Warcraft. Now I don't really think this could happen, but it doesn't mean it isn't interesting to think about. So have a look at what is on Paktu's mind.

This is set after WOD and even after the events of the next xpac, whatever that may be. At this point we, the champions of Azeroth have become very strong. We have rebuffed invasions from across time and space and we are together in our resolve to finish the Legion. We begin making preparations and you, the champion, are sent to Outland to check up on the degradation that is still occurring.

What we find is horrifying. The Sporregar are slaughtered. There are no survivors and what’s worse; their village is being consumed by the degradation and falling away into the nether. We report back to our faction’s closest base and we are told to head towards Oshu’gun in Nagrand.

The Legion is attacking. All the beasts are dead. The ogres are being massacred and Halaa is blown to bits. The Orcs, Drenai, and their Horde and Alliance allies are mounting a defense that is not holding. You, as a general attempt to hold a defense while all civilians get to Shattrath City. Throughout the entire defense you see the last bits of Nagrand crumble away until even the Throne of Elements is decimated.

The Naaru of Shattrath are already teleporting civilians and soldiers alike to the repaired and functional Tempest Keep and its satellite ships. While the Naaru would love to fight the Legion they say it is not the time to fight as we have already lost. The Military leaders of the Scryers, Adal, and other factons present have now informed you that Blades Edge, Shadowmoon, and Zangramarsh are suffering the same fate of Nagrand and Auchindun is sinking, indicating Terrokar Forest is falling as well. While the Naaru focus on the survivors that they can help you are charged to organize the defense of the Dark Portal.

Quest givers, Followers from your Garrisons, and a few faction leaders are present to help you along with a significant Alliance and Horde force. You give the rallying call and prepare to fight the good fight. That is when the rain begins. Infernals hail from the sky. Imps portal in at ground level. Seccubus, Hounds, Wrath Guards, Legionaires, and more flood the scene. Thrall is present. Rallying the surviving elemental forces of Outland.

A few Pit Lords later many of your forces are dead. Honor Hold and Thrallamar, two breakwater bases for the legions advance have now been lost. The stairs of the portal and the small bit of land surrounding it are all that remain of mainland Outland. Thrall gives the order to retreat. The Legion has won.

You and a few others remain as you notice Thrall does not move. A large mass of fire approaches. "It’s HIM," Thrall says, "Sargeras"

Spirits appear. Orcish ancestors, Drenai priests, Azerothian Heroes, some telling you to flee. Some delighting in a final fight. Thrall pushes you through the portal as the Dark Titan arrives and unleashes hell upon the spiritual and elemental army. Thrall unleashes a beam of energy encompassing the last will of Draenor. Your group is the last through before the Dark Portal turns off. No residual energy, no rift. It becomes apparent that the link is broken because Outland no longer exists.

This is now the xpac starts. The Army of Light is together. The factions unite (for all intents and purposes) and you use the dark portal to take the fight to the Legion itself. Be it to the Etheral Homeworld, to Argus, maybe even another planet that we know nothing about.

That would certainly be a way to start an expansion. Although I don't think we will see the death of Thrall ever unless it is in some I save the world from everything type deal.

As always thanks to everyone who sent something in this would not be possible without all of you doing so. Enjoy your weekend!

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