Friday, January 9, 2015

Goblins vs Gnome Conundrum

Friday! Means the weekend is just around the corner and it is time to look through some of these emails I have and pick one for the Reader Post. Now in doing so this week I thought I would pick one I don't really agree with, but then others might be able to relate to. This post submitted by Kootz talks about with the recent Hearthstone expansion it is almost as if you are forced to buy into the Goblins vs Gnomes cards. I feel that yes some of these cards may seem as "must haves" but at the current moment this is new and everyone wants to try out the new. The other cards will come back once everything settles itself into play. So with that in mind here are Kootz's thoughts.

Anyone at this point claiming to see variety in the game should have to prove it. Record video of you playing a game where NO mechs were played or no gvg cards used.

My guess is you cannot and you will come here with some anecdotal evidence as to why the game is still balanced (here is a hint: its because your deck uses the cards people hate). but its not just that. its that your deck has nearly the exact same composition as every deck out there. 

Hiding power behind pay-walls is never good and in the era of streamer popularity it goes without saying that whatever they do the majority of people that play this game (sadly followers who cannot think and build decks without someone else telling them exactly what of and how many cards to put in). Then they watch videos on how to play them.

This is not a card game, it is a Simon says game where winning with some high priced deck combination equates to skill and some of the most arrogant behavior i have ever witnessed.

Add to the fact that matchmaking is often times the most abysmal element of the game. 

I cannot see this getting any better as blizzard has specifically designed their market around selling progressively more powerful cards with zero regard to the balance of past cards.

This is not a competitive card game it is a subscription service for skill. 

I challenge anyone to show me different. The burden of proof is on your shoulders as MANY have stated that gvg completely destroyed the scope of the game and at this point with the sheer percentages of gvg cards being used it goes without saying that what we will have in the future is not a constantly expanding set of cards.

But instead a limited (must have) list of current powerful cards that users must subscribe to and stay current with in order to have a shot inside the current meta.

and that does not sound like a card game i want to play. I know it does not matter to anyone. Knowing that what i think and choose to do will be seen as foolish. but in the end its the moral of it.

I am a free to play person. have been since beta. 

This community used to actually care about balance. they put it first above all else. And blizzard back then claimed to care about us in that process..

Now however that attitude is simply gone. and only angry people who don't want nerfs to the legendary deck they just copied from some streamer. so they counter any constructive criticisms with hate and vague counterpoints of no real use.

Preparing for that here i state that im done with this attempt at a card game. but ultimately i feel blizzards "attempted cardgame" is simply a tricky marketplace designed around that instead of actual gameplay. and the truth of that comes out with every new pack.

Thanks to everyone who submitted something. Enjoy your weekend and happy card playing!

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  1. I agree people just want to use the new cards and see what they are. People buy them. I hate how some people if you spend any money in a free to play game look down on you. I'm sorry but the whole reason you can play this game for free is because people like me are making purchases.