Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes the weekend is nearing a end and you really haven't done anything worth while. You should feel bad and I am not going to sugar coat it. What I can do though is answer some of the questions sent in for the week and you can read the responses and you may feel better about everything. So here goes

Have you seen the amazing Starcraft II arcade game of Warcraft III?

Why yes I saw the showcase on MMO-Champion the other day. For those who haven't.

It looks great and really brings back some memories of gaming times past. I will have to play it when it is finally completed. Warcraft III prior to Starcraft II was a game that could blend a complex and challenging RTS game with one which had a story that made you want to play the game in more than a competitive manor. So it is always good times.

Do you think it is odd there is no Starcraft Warrior in Heroes of the Storm?

If you didn't notice there is also no Diablo support Hero. I do think they will be dealing with this soon enough as we tend to forget the game itself is still in the Beta phase and not even Open Beta. As for who that could be that is anyone's guess, but my feeling is we will see Fenix as the Starcraft Warrrior and maybe Auriel as the Diablo Support Hero.

Did you have a good Pi Day?

Course I did and I hope everyone else did!

There they are the questions all answered for the week. Hopefully that made some of you feel better about wasting your weekend thus far. If not then my apologies

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  1. Dragoon or Zealot Fenix? Or both for that matter