Wednesday, March 25, 2015

They Say I Can't Lose. I Say You Can't Win

Wednesday and after one day of Bloodborne there really is only one thing on my mind. Some games are just harder than others. Not that I mind it. I actually enjoy when something is challenging and isn't ridiculously easy. Instead of going over what I find to be the most difficult games I am going to do specific fights. You know those boss battles that you actually fist pump yourself when you are done with them. So here are my choices

5. Bhunivelze - Lightning Returns

The final boss of Lightning Returns not only challenges your ability to build a party correctly, but also your knowledge of the game and all its ins and outs. Really there are not many final bosses that make you use all the knowledge you should have gained through playing all in one fight. Not to mention if you happen to not have a couple things in your inventory this boss becomes almost impossible.

4. Alma - Ninja Gaiden

In a series where every boss challenges you in every way imaginable this puts you to the test. You will need speed patience and persision to defeat Alma, but when you finally do one of the most satisfying things you will do gaming wise.

3. Ornstein and Smough -Dark Souls

Either of these bosses on their own would have been brutal. Fighting them together then when one is dead assumes the powers of the others well that is pretty much borderline unfair. You will die countless times learning this encounter, but when you finally get it you may actually stand up and do a little dance.

2. Red Falcon - Contra

So you thought when you killed that alien head you would be done. That in itself could have made this list and no one would have said anything about it, but no you then get to fight the real deal in probably the smallest possible area with no room for error. This actually borders on the unfair and impossible line.

1. Mike Tyson - Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Now we all know the real Mike Tyson has some issues, but it was a whole different story when this game came out. The gaming rules of the day where that games needed to be brutally hard and this was no exception. I am still of the firm belief that you needed to know the pattern to beat him because the control you were using wasn't quick enough to respond to what you saw. The new Wii version doesn't give this justice for this very reason.

There you have it. Agree or disagree you know the deal just let me know. As I am sure there will be plenty of backlash on this one.

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  1. I was actually surprised at how hard Bhunivelze was. Not that I was disappointed in it. Final Fantasy final bosses have always been epic in nature they just tend to have some sort of gimmick. Yes you could argue this one did as well, but it wasn't a for sure thing and staggering the boss was quite difficult