Friday, March 6, 2015

Good News Everyone?

Here we are on Friday getting ready for your weekend and what better way to do that then talk about a character's role from a couple expansions ago. When having a random conversation with Paulak about lore he was encountering back in Wrath he had this to say.

So, I have been running all of the Wrath stuff again of late because I am finishing up my Shadowmourne. One thing that really sticks in my head is, between the abominations and constructs in Naxxramas (Patchwerk, Gluth, Grobbulus, Thaddius), Thrym in Zul Drak, and Stinky, Precious, Rotface and Festergut, was Professor Putricide ultimately responsible for all of their creations?

I know that Kel'Thuzad is the leader of Naxxramas and the boss, but does he really have the working knowledge and scientific prowess to build such horrible monstrosities? It seems that, outside of a mastery of undeath, KT doesn't really possess the tools needed to disassemble living creatures, the foresight to design and blueprint what those terrible creatures would become, and then possess the sheer genius that is necessary to build the apparatuses necessary to construct the monstrous creatures, revivify and reanimate them, and experiment via the scientific method to perfect the finished product.

All three other wings of Naxxramas make sense for KT to have dominion over, as the Plague and Military quarters are literally the pursuits of necromancers and KT before he became a lich (perfecting the plague and raising powerful warriors as DKs), and the Arachnid quarter is the servants of Anub'Arak who are bound to the will of the LK in their undeath. In ICC, Putricide has mad scientists patrolling his area, but we can assume they are experimental scientists and, ultimately, lab assistants to the mad brilliance of Putricide. 

So, it begs the question: was Putricide actually the genius behind the terrible abominations that the Lich King wrought about Azeroth?

An interesting take but I think Kel'thuzad might really have had a role to play. He was part of the council of six remember. Regardless something to think about while enjoying your weekend!

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