Thursday, March 26, 2015

It Is All Worth It In The End

So here I was playing Bloodborne and obviously dying quite a bit. Not that I am opposed to dying, because in a game like Bloodborne and those like it you learn from your deaths each and every time. If you don' then you really are going to be overly frustrated and then just end up raging, and maybe even loosing a couple remotes in the process.

Now when all this was happening I was trying to think to myself why I enjoy playing games that are difficult. Now when it comes down to it I always love a challenge. I think most gamers do. They tend to do things, which others never think would be impossible. This is why we have trophies and achievements, to show how messed up and demented we can be. It is not only the challenge though. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment that what I am doing is not going to be done by everyone who picks up a game. I like the fact that I was able to pull that off after the time I put into something. I love the fact that I scream yes, jump for joy, clap, or give myself a pat on the back. I love doing something that warrants a screenshot or an instant text to a friend.

All this isn't for bragging rights though. It really is how you are proud of what you were able to do. Now non gamers will say this is stupid and why would you ever be proud of something you did in a game. The fact of the matter is, why shouldn't you be?

So yes. Hard games can drive you insane. They may cause deaths that will make you not even want to touch a game for days. They may cause a sudden burst of anger, which will leave you explaining why that mark is on the wall. What they also bring though are those memories of the first time doing that, and the struggle you went through to get there.

If a game is easy you will never have any of that. Sure you will remember the game, but you won't have those moments where you overcame something you thought you would never do. So play those hard games, push through the frustration and it all will be worth it in the end.

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  1. Make a good point. Although sometimes in a story based game i am ok with it being easier so easier to track what is going on