Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You Fail At Gaming Peripherals If...

Fail Day! Yes it is here and this week I just have something on my mind. Normally I stay away from things outside of games. Unless, of course, I am asked specifically about things I use or why. This is because I don't want to seem like I favor some things over others. Now I know what you are all thinking and my smack talk about xbox is completely different. I am talking about gaming peripherals and here we go.

You Fail At Gaming Peripherals if...

  • You have no idea what gaming peripherals are
  • You don't think a mechanical keyboard makes a difference
  • You only buy things from one specific company
  • You buy things without doing any research
  • You have a 16 button mouse and don't play an MMO
  • You don't know what half of the buttons on your keyboard do
  • You have a non USB headset
  • You bought something for the pretty lights it has
  • You have purchased the same item you already own only because it has a different game stamp on it
  • You don't install the software they come with
  • You own a Mac
  • You question why some people have multiple mice and keyboards
  • You only own one console controller

and finally

  • You think having something specific will give you godly gaming powers

There you have it! This week's edition of Fail. Hope you all got a kick out of or maybe learned something. If not well then that kind of sucks not going to lie.

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