Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So Where Do We Go From Here Huh?

Well here we are in the middle of the week when we only have one thing to do besides shovel because of all the snow that ended up on the driveway last night. What is that you ask? Well that is make a list. Now I have got a lot of flack about how I have never done a couples themed list ever. So do you know what well I am going to do it now. Now I want to make a couple stipulations one being games where you can make your own romances. Looking at you Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Other than that everything is fair game. So here are my picks be prepared to bitch.

5. Mario and Princess Peach - Mario Bros Series

I don't think you can ever make a list such as this and not include these two. Sure she seems to always get captured and Mario is always doing the saving. Except for that one game which name escapes me when crying could be used as a weapon. Maybe one day she will learn to avoid capture.

4. Squall and Rinoa - Final Fantasy 8

Out of all the Final Fantasy there is one which stands out as being perfectly made that it could be seamlessly be made into a movie. There just isn't anything to like about the two of them. They play off each other and make the game fun to play each time you do.

3. Link and Zelda - Legend of Zelda Series

Just like Mario and the Peach it would be hard to make a list without these two. Through all of the games we have met many incarnations of them and how it all plays out. Skyward Sword being my favourite of the bunch.

2. Tidus and Yuna - Final Fantasy X/X-2

Sure this one might be slight cheeseball. Especially when remembering the whole laughing incident. The reason why I rank this one so high is that the girl doesn't seem like an addon and really is just as important if not more so. Also it isn't the happy ending one expects and to me that gets more props for doing so. Now if you played through X-2 you get that happy ending, but still those who played would understand.

1. Drake and Elena - Uncharted Series 

I really don't think there is much competition for these two. Mostly because most gaming relationships either seem forced to be part of the story or they really don't play out as one in the world would. Uncharted does it completely different. This seems exactly how a real couple would play out right before you and to me is one of the real reason I love the series itself.

There are my choices. Agree or disagree those are them regardless. Now I must shovel.

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  1. I would actually put Link and Zelda higher but when you talk about it I get why you have Drake and Elena as 1.