Friday, March 20, 2015

Plan C?

Friday! Yes here we are at the end of the week looking for something to make us think about what really has been going on. Now with Legacy of the Void Closed Beta being just around the corner I figured now would be a good time to talk about some Starcraft Lore. TheBentOne has a Theory for this week's Reader Post which might point to the fact that Kerrigan wasn't the Overmind's Plan A. Here it is

Ok, so we've all been doing a lot of thinking in regards to the zerg, and Kerrigan and the overmind and prophecy lately, and I've been wondering myself about the incredibly contrived and unlikely series of events that lead Kerrigan to become the only hope of defeating the generic big bad and saving the swarm.

Did the giant eons old brain really want to leave the fate of his swarm in the hands of a series of events that are far more likely to not happen than happen. I think not, therefore I theorize that Carapace Jesus is actually at least the second backup plan, as the Overmind had set in motion things that were far more strategically sound in place first.

First I'll start with what we know, Amon programmed into the Overmind the desire to kill the protoss. At some point the Overmind realizes this and also that amon plans on creating a massive hybrid army to wrest control of the swarm from him. Naturally the giant eyeball is unhappy with this. So what does he do?

He tries to assimilate the Protoss, note that this is a very important distinction from his directive, which only states destroy. The Overmind knows Amon is coming with his army of Hybrids once the protoss are destroyed, but the Overmind is going to be ready, he wants to assimilate the Protoss, which will lead to their destruction, but will also allow him to spawn hybrids of his own to combat the forces of the dark god. Kerrigan is still created as the supreme agent of the swarm designed to combat protoss psionics, but her role in keeping the zerg away from amon is negligible, unless a series of unlikely evens come to pass.

The first of these events is the death of the overmind. However it would seem that the Overmind had a contingency for this that didn't involve Kerrigan as well. His Cerebrates were hard wired to recreate him. I believe that this new overmind would continue to attempt to assimilate the protoss and lead the swarm much the same way the old one did, this was a sound plan B in case the unthinkable happened and the Overmind was slain.

Only if the second overmind were destroyed and prevented from reforming would Kerrigan enter the picture. She pretty clearly isn't the perfect choice, being of limited human scope, and requiring a long list of unlikely events needed to enable the swarms success, but as a third contingency, she is the best the overmind had to work with, and also free to seek solutions outside the overminds constraint of "must destroy the protoss.".

Personaly I'm a fan of this particular theory, because It would return the Overmind to amoral hivemind master planer and geneticist. In stead of random slave of the big bad howling the prison of his own mind. I also think it makes sense given what we know so far. So I'm going with it until blizzard proves me otherwise.

There it is. I think it makes sense because planning out what has actually happened you would think would be highly unlikely, but then it is a prophecy and those really aren't supposed to be like it is what makes them so. I'll leave you with all of that to enjoy your weekend with

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