Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes you are not dreaming your weekend is over. At least next weekend is a long weekend, so you have that going for you! As is the case every time the weekend is nearing an end it is time to go through my emails for the week and answer some questions. So let's get right to that.

Is it just me or has Sylvanas been in like every Heroes game I have played this week?

We were just joking about this the other day when we were playing as a group of 4. Every game our 5th ending up being Sylvanas. Now this wasn't always a bad thing as some people actually could play her. In other cases though it was quite sad. To me I don't know how you can justify playing your first game as a new hero with other people. You have no idea what the abilities do and you are just testing out the character. It really only will lead to you been a drain on your team. Sure by the end of the first match you might have a better idea but you really could have ruined the game for everyone else on your team.

Do you think Bloodborne really just shows that PS4 is the better choice?

Now Bloodborne is a great game I will give you that, but it really isn't a game which can decide a console war. Why? Well it isn't a game that everyone can get into. It is a hard game which not everyone will be able to get past. Sure it isn't as punishing as the Souls game, but it is not easy by any means. I really think Uncharted 4 is the one that will affirm this generation will be PS4's victory but will have to wait till next year now to see that come.

Why do games have to be exclusives?

So companies have nice things to fight over.

There they are this week's questions and their answers. Hopefully you all got something out of it and know to those who sent something in and I did not get to it yet, I will eventually! Enjoy what is left of your weekend everyone!

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  1. I think with the big gold boost everyone got they figured what better way to spend then on the sark lady. Also she is really strong and worth learning how to play