Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Whatever I May Be - Whatever I May Become In This World - Know That I Will Always Look Out For You

So here I was getting for what list I was going to do this week. When I was getting flack from all of these people for my list last week. Why aren't such and such part of it? Why not them? Well then when people started naming couples I was thinking were they even really a couple. Then it got me thinking what about those that shit just happened and it never ended how you would have thought it should have. Now just so I am covering myself this is not going to include those who broke it off and never got a chance to get back together. I am looking at you Arthas and Jaina! So with that in mind here are my choices for the couples that never got their chance!

5. Balthier and Ashe - Final Fantasy XII

So some may even argue this was never going to be a thing. Balthier just has other things on his mind like saving the world and being the leading man. I would argue though that the ending when he gives back the ring just makes you think.

4. Raynor and Kerrigan - Starcraft Series

When Wings of Liberty ended you thought this was finally going to happen. She was finally no longer and evil murderous killing machine hellbent on killing everything. Except now she had to get her Zerg ways back to save the world and live Jim hanging. Who knows what we are in store for in Legacy of the Void, but I hoping to some form of ending to this.

3. Cloud and Aerith - Final Fantasy 7

Boys meets girl. Boy saves girl. Boy vows to protect girl. Girl runs off and tries to save the world. Crazy guy with giant sword kills girl in front of boy and all his friends. In one of the saddest moments in gaming history if you know the backstory you can actually feel the characters pain followed by the burial and just wow sucks to be Cloud. 

2. Ezio and Christina - Assassin's Creed

Now if the death of Aerith was sad I am not sure there is a word for Christina's. Ezio has to leave her behind after his family is killed to protect her. He later ensures she can have a husband that is worthy of her. He comes back when all the fighting he needed to was done only to have her die in his arms. Ya it still hurts.

1. Illidan and Tyrande - Warcraft Series

Now I am sure we can all agree that Cloud and Ezio got the short end of the stick. At least they could have had some form of peace finding others for themselves. Illidan saved the world twice, along with Tyrande's life, only to be imprisoned for 10,000 years, banished, exiled, and not to mention, she ended up choosing his twin brother over him. All he has for his efforts is a memento of her which he magically imbues so that it never fades. This is not only tragic, but awful in every possible way you can think. Poor guy, always doing the right thing, the wrong way.

There it is. So is there any complaints for this week's list? I am sure there will be so go ahead and let me know what they are!


  1. Pretty sure Illidan made up a new term "Exile Zone"

  2. Christina's death still gets me, but ya Ezio found whats her name in the 3rd game when he was older!