Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Fail At Raging If...

Fail Day! This is normally where I would say this is the day where you feel better about yourself because of others failures, but today isn't an ordinary fail day. How you may ask? Well that is simple. You see there is times while you are gaming that you get upset, slightly pissed, and then there are those times you rage. Now today is all about how one could possibly fail at raging.

You Fail At Raging If...
  • You simply start over when your save file is corrupted
  • You just start laughing when those baneling landmines blew up your marines
  • You have never had some ask if you were ok when you screamed so loud the pictures fell off the walls
  • You don't have a shrine of broken remotes
  • You have never punched a monitor
  • You have once thought about if you could snap your keyboard in half over your forehead
  • You have never needed "time" to walk it off
  • You never just leeroyed shit just so everyone else would feel your pain
  • The words "Oh that's awesome" are said when your Black Mage gets berzerked
  • You keep smiling when your legendary weapon refuses to roll a socket
  • You whispered that hunter congrats for stealing your two-hander
  • You have words to describe being top decked Flamestriked
  • You don't have a story for all the random marks on your walls

And finally
  • You just stand up calming turn off the machine and walk away with a smile on your face
There you have it. This week's edition of failure. Hope you all got a good chuckle at yours and other expense.

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