Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You Fail At Spoilers If...

Fail Day, and also Happy St. Patty's to all of my Irish friends and all those others who are looking to get their drink on. Even with all the celebrating going on though we do have a Fail Day to take care of itself. This week I decided to go with a touchy subject, that being spoilers. In modern games the story is a central focus and really no one wants to be "that guy". So here we go

You Fail At Spoilers If..

  • You think we are talking about car spoilers
  • You think just because you have played a game everyone has
  • You have ever uttered the words "You are going to love the part when..."
  • You are sitting beside the person and keep saying "pay attention this is important"
  • You give fake spoilers because you think it is clever
  • You warn people on what is about to happen therefore ruining it
  • You don't care about the story anyway so why should anyone else
  • You are too busy playing Call of Duty Multiplayer to care about other people playing real games
  • You have issues keeping things to yourself
  • You read all the spoilery reviews on the internet before you even play the game
  • You can't even beat a game so you had to watch all the cutscenes on youtube to see what the spoilers actually were

and finally

  • The game has been out for over a year then you really shouldn't expect to be playing in a spoiler free world

There you have it this week's edition of fail. So cheers and enjoy your Guinness

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  1. Happy St Pats. Will be fun times and yes I agree some people are completely clueless when it comes spoilers.