Tuesday, March 24, 2015

You Fail At Being Ready For Bloodborne If...

Fail Day! Yes it is here. That can also be said for the Bloodborne, which you are either taking a break from or waiting to get your hands on it. That is unless you know nothing about it. This is the fact which leads us directly into today's Fail Day. So here we go

You Fail At Being Ready For Bloodborne If...

  • You just said "Bloodborne what?"
  • You don't have a PS4
  • You prefer games that are all sunshine and rainbows
  • You are not prepared to die continuously
  • You are easily frustrated
  • You think excess gore makes a game less interesting
  • You don't have a replacement remote for when one gets thrown into a wall
  • You like to be coddled
  • You don't know what it is like for a game to punish your muscle memory
  • You didn't know when you bring someone into your world it summons a boss
  • You are not pumped up for transformable weapons
  • You thought Dark Souls II was easy

and finally

  • You have never really played a game which was "Hard"

There you have it. This week's edition of Fail. Enjoy you multitude of deaths throughout the day!

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