Friday, November 13, 2015

About Ready To Get Out Of Here Cowboy?

Friday! Which means Reader Post and this Reader Post is going to contain some spoilers for the Legacy of the Void. So if you don't want any of those come back and read this after you are done the campaign. So this week's post comes to us from Mossie. It deals with Kerrigan's ascension and some confusion with it. So have a read and here it goes!

So I see a lot of people complaining about how in the epilogue, Kerrigan goes and turns into a Xel'naga, despite not having the Purity of Form that the Protoss have, which was a key part in the cycle of rebirth.

Or did she?

From multiple parts in the Campaign (Paraphrased, because I can't remember the mission names):


"I believe that the Keystone was designed to be found, and put together, by those races intended to find this place"


"The Xel'naga made all life in the universe, and two races would naturally ascend to Purity of Form and Purity of Essence. They would then come together, here, to ascend to Xel'naga."


"The Xel'naga would not interfere, until it came time for the Ascension"

And from the Blizzard Lore Panel

"The fact is, Zerg are unable to infest Protoss because of the incredible strength of Protoss psionics. The Zerg hive mind is a crucial part of infestation, and the Protoss have either the Khala or the Void to keep the hive mind out.

Beyond that, Protoss genetic material (or as the Zerg call it, essence) is simply antithetical to the Swarm. They just cannot use it."

So what is this saying?

Its saying that Amon's interference was done because he wanted too destroy all life in the universe, and needed a body. He was responsible for raising the Zerg + The Protoss into the force we know and love, not the Xel'naga, choosing what he thought to be the most viable candidates for Purity of Essence + Purity of Form. But he was partially wrong, part of which is PROTOSS GENETIC MATERIAL CAN NOT BE UTILIZED BY THE SWARM WITHOUT SOME CRAZY GENE SPLICING

I honestly think the campaign was hinting towards the fact that the protoss are not the race that is purity of form. What's more, the classic swarm is not purity of essence.


The TERRANS found, and assembled the Keystone. Not the protoss.
Kerrigan was deinfested from the Amon-corrupted swarm, and when she rejoined it was though a merging with the ORIGINAL, PRIMAL ZERG.

Together, this means that the TERRANS are the race that is purity of form, not the protoss, and the only Zerg who are purity of essence are those untouched by Amon, the PRIMAL ZERG.

And since Kerrigan was a hybrid of Terran and Primal Zerg, she was able to ascend to become a Xel'naga.

So what do you think? This really is exactly what I thought during the Tomb level when Artanis was reading it. She already was the Hybrid needed. Enjoy your weekend!

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