Wednesday, November 4, 2015

War Is Coming

So here we are the Wednesday before Blizzcon and you know this week's list is going to be about Blizzcon. What about it you may ask though? Well that is simple, it is going to be the things I am most excited to see at this years Blizzcon. So here they are!

5. Wil Wheaton Hosting Abilities

I am truly interested how this will work itself out. So I will reserve my judgement until after.

4. New Heroes in Heroes of the Storm

Always interested in who will be joining the Nexus next. So why change?

3. Legion Lore Panel

I am a lore guy. So any information I can get on it the better. Warcraft has been a household name for so many years because of the story within the story and I look forward to hearing more of it.

2. WCS Starcraft II Champion

Well it all comes down to this? Who will be this years world champion? Will Life make it hard to not name him the greatest SC2 player of all time?

1. Warcraft Movie Trailer

Not sure this is a surprise to anyone. I think people have known for over a year that Blizzcon was going to be the world release of the trailer and everyone is still hyped for it. Well I can't wait

There you have it everything I am looking forward to the most. There are countless things I am looking forward to though these just happen to be my top 5. Here is looking to a great Blizzcon!

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