Thursday, November 19, 2015

New Game Smell

So Christmas kind of came early this year for gamers. We had Starcraft Legacy of the Void and Fallout 4 come out the same day. So that attitude of non-gamers about gamers wasting their time is all over the place lately. What people fail to realize is gamers like anyone are excited with something new. Do you look at people weird when they drive their new car around the block? Do you call people crazy when they want to give you a tour around their new house? Do you not understand when people talk about a new job? Do you just accept that people have to wear new clothes? I could go on and on, but in every other situation the world accepts what people do.

Then we have gamers. I have read quite a few articles about people not understanding why adults spend time away from loved ones when they get a new video game. They go on and on about how these is what is wrong with society. On the other hand if I had just picked up a new set of golf clubs and wanted to go golfing that would be perfectly ok. Or if I wanted to go watch a movie at the theatre or watch the new Game of Thrones all would be defined to be within the norm.

This is what is wrong with non-gamers. They refuse to accept that gaming itself abides by the same rules as the rest of the world. It doesn't mean you are an immature adult who doesn't care about what they should be doing. It doesn't mean you are ignoring the rest of the world. It means you are excited to do what is new like any normal human being would do.

As a test the next time someone you know is excited about something new that has nothing to do with gaming chirp them about it and see what happens. You know what will happen, but really this whole anti-gaming movement seems like a dinosaur world, and sometimes it just pisses me off.

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