Tuesday, November 17, 2015

You Fail At Legacy of the Void Multiplayer If...

So here we are it has been a week and it has been fun. There is much to learn with the new units and the new macro style in Legacy of the Void so let's talk about how people are failing at it.

You Fail At Legacy of the Void Multiplayer If...

  • You keep trying to 6 pool
  • You ignore all the new units
  • You lose to 1 base plays
  • You keep trying 1 base plays
  • You haven't tried any tournaments yet
  • You complain about a low league placement when everything adjusts itself quickly
  • You have yet to realize how many units have actives
  • You remained yourself "llllllllll"
  • You keep complaining when your old strats are failing
  • You suck at micro
  • You don't understand you have to play through the pain to learn
  • Lurkers
  • You ability to split seems to have the same ability as to run right into a bunch of banelings
  • You keep complaining about your teammates
  • You always forget detection

And Finally

  • You have ladder anxiety

There you have it this week's edition of fail. Hope you all enjoy it or learn something.. Happy Laddering!

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