Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! You know that day at the end of the weekend when you are starting to realize your weekend is about over and you got nothing done that you were trying to finish. Well it is that day. It is also the day of the week where I answer questions sent to me throughout the week. So while you are wallowing in self regret let's see what the questions are this week.

Have you been laying an Overwatch?

Sadly no. Didn't get into Beta and for some reason could not log in to the open beta event lat weekend. I have heard so many great things about the game though. A few years ago I played a lot of Team Fortress 2 and it seems everything good like any Blizzard game has been transferred to their title. I look forward to playing this extensively in the future when we finally have a chance to get our hands on the release version. To everyone who is part of the beta just realize I hate you.

Do you think Protoss is in a bad spot in Legacy?

Right now it is a different game for protoss players. I find myself being rewarded for being overly aggressive early and punished by any race other than protoss for not playing that way. This is not to say if I don't cheese I don't win. Just seems that I am always having to punish someone or try to survive until I get the required units out. The colossi nerf really hurts against terran and the roles seem to be reversed as far as HotS and LotV. That is to say it is Protoss who has to survive the mid game. While zerg seems to have an edge early game that I believe needs to be fixed some how. I am not saying nerfs need to happen I am saying it could be a nerf or for some pro finding a way to punish the 3 hatch opening without putting yourself significantly behind. The game is still new though so this is to be expected so I am far from worrying about the matter.

So how was your Thanksgiving?

I am sure this is a troll, but it was good back in October

There they are the questions I picked for the week. Thank you to everyone who sent something in as always this couldn't be done without all of you, and to those still waiting for a response I will get to you don't worry.

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