Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes Blizzcon is over and we are all sad. How can we not be it was a pretty amazing Blizzcon wasn't it? What better way to finish off Blizzcon then to answer some Blizzcon themed questions for Ask Gauss

What did you think of the Warcraft Movie Trailer?

It was amazing actually. I really think the way they are doing the movie is right. Sticking to the story and not making it Humans vs Orcs and Good vs Bad. There is good and evil on both sides as GRRM says. I also think this movie is going to appeal to non gamers especially with fantasy getting bigger into the main stream since Lord of the Rings.

Favourite part of Blizzcon?

The opening ceremonies are always a great thing. We got to see what was coming up for each and every game as well as a Starcraft send off which I think was a great touch. Really though watch the series between sOs and Life was something special. Watching that actually gave me some chills. Best players of HotS doing battle for the world title and it going to 7 games. And that warp prism snipe!

So Cho'gall?

Even if as a character it fails. I love the concept.

There you have it questions for the week. Hope you all enjoyed it as well as Blizzcon itself!

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  1. That was quite the series, but game 7 was something special. That whole was just wow. Hell even life's hold in game 6 was just as amazing