Tuesday, November 3, 2015

You Fail At Being Ready For Blizzcon If...

Fail Day! Not just any fail day though it is the Fail Day of Blizzcon Week. What does that mean? Well it means I will be doing a Fail Day in the spirit of Blizzcon obviously. So why don't we get right to it.

You Fail At Being Ready For Blizzcon If...

  • You have no idea what Blizzcon is
  • You plan on working the Friday and Saturday
  • You are not looking forward to the Warcraft Movie trailer
  • You are not interested in any of the Esports finals
  • You are not wondering if Red Shirt Guy will show up
  • You don't care about what is up for any of their games
  • You could careless about Overwatch news
  • You are not wondering who is going to injured themselves during the dance contest
  • You are not in the least bit interested about expansions being announced
  • You are not curious about the Legacy of the Void show matches
  • Wil Wheaton?

And Finally

  • You don't plan on watching it one way or another

There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and are ready for Blizzcon.


  1. I'm going to be taking notes for the guild web site or I'd hold up a sign that reads, "Hi Gauss! I'm here!"

    I'm not interested in eSports. I get that people like that stuff. I don't. I fail, horribly, at Hearthstone, so I don't care about that game. I tried Diablo twice, back when it was new, and didn't like it so I don't care about that game. I've never tried Starcraft so I have no opinion on that.

    I'm irritated by Overwatch not being available for Macs. Generally, I don't care for FPS games, but I was willing to give it a try. In order to expand one's brand, one has to appeal to a wider demographic than what one currently has. This is, what I believe, behind some of the changes to WOW. That's a different column. So how was Blizzard going to make the FPS genre attractive for its consumers who may have never played that kind of game? I was looking forward to that. With Microsoft having a booth at BlizzCon and with the announcement that Overwatch is not available for Macs, all the talk is that XBox will get Overwatch. Fine. I am not shelling out $$$ for a console game. I intend to boo when they talk about Overwatch. If you hear boos, it's probably from my direction. I'm also not the kind of fan who absorbs with rapture, everything Blizzard says. They have done some incredibly stupid things with their gaming franchise and they should not be above criticism.

    I'm interested in all things Legion, although I have a feeling it will be very little. I will wander the vendor area looking for things for my guild mates. We're having a contest which involves Pepe. I will sit and people watch. I don't care about the dance contest, but I'm excited to see the costumes. I rarely take selfies with my phone. I have to remember how to do that.

    1. Haha I will have to look for the sign. Well one good thing about Blizzard is all their gaming franchises are different, which I believe is one of the major reasons why we will never see a Warcraft 4 as long as Starcraft is still being played. Overwatch fills in the FPS genre and really Team Fortress 2 has had no competition for quite some time now so should be interesting. I feel like it will be available for both consoles just might have an xbox bundle like Diablo III did with Playstation.

      The Lore panel for WoW is always interesitng I would recommend checking it out. The Q&A is hit or miss depending on how many of the questions are just complaints and how many are actual questions about the direction of the game itself.

      The contests themselves are always fun although curious how Mr Wheaton will do

  2. Oh and Wil Wheaton? I view him as vanilla ice cream covered in sprinkles. It will be more exciting than Chris Metzen.