Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ask Gauss

Sunday! Yes here we are ending our weekend and raging that every store we go to is full of Christmas things. Oh how it gets me in the Christmas Spirit.

How have your Legacy of the Void placements gone?

Well let's just say my teammates haven't been the greatest. Four times so far I have had people on my teams who have played less than 50 games in their career. Now you could say this is just a new account, but then you should have seen them play. That is the way of it though. You get lucky some times, but it will all even itself out in the end in my mind. Hopefully everyone else's matches have gone pretty well.

Have you played any Fallout 4 yet? 

Not as of yet. Plan to do a lot of that this week as I have been pretty busy with Starcraft. It is after all one of my favourite series of all time so always put the time in it first. That doesn't mean I don't think Fallout isn't worth the time I know it will be awesome. Just has to start by taking a backseat.

So how about that Starbucks cup?

Ya no not touching that.

There they are the questions and the answers for the week. Hope you all got something out of it in one way or another. Try to enjoy what is left of your weekend and not rage about the Christmas stuff being thrown in your face.

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