Friday, November 6, 2015

Blizzcon Pros and Cons

Friday and it is Reader Post time, but it is also the first day of Blizzcon! That is if you didn't know. Well as a tribute to the day and to those going here is Gunrocks's Pros and Cons list for Blizzcon. Hope you all enjoy!

My Pros and Cons of Blizzcon

1. Enjoying "beverages", taking pictures, and hanging out at the Hilton hotel bar with the Blizzard devs, creators, and staff. Many of them are pretty laid back and have a lot of stories to tell.

2. Late night parties at the Hilton or the Marriott next to it. Holy S*^&, there is a lot of repression that gets unleashed during Blizzcon, just be careful which room/party you get invited to.

3. Introvert friendly zone - The whole area around the convention center day and night is usually judgement free so have fun without being self-conscious.

4, Witnessing the real life version of forum behavior in the crowds when panel discussions and Q&A's are taking place. It's got to be the most entertaining way to spend time while you recover from your drinks from the previous night.

5. If you have the slightest advantage in cardiovascular status, you can out run most the masses to the lines for the Blizzcon stores. (The second day of the 2010 blizzcon convention, I decided to be there right when the doors opened. As soon as they did, I bolted for the store on the north side of the convention floor. There was a ton of shouting and yelling like someone just opened the gates to AV and everyone was thundering across the fields of strife. As I reached the line, it suddenly got very quiet so I turned around and saw the majority of the guys in queue were doubled over wheezing in agony as their so's and friends looked on in concern. It was a moment that I will never forget.)

6. Get there a day or two early so you can do the following - Check out the sunset on the west coast, it's amazing. Hit up theme parks and other local attractions. AND FOR PETE'S SAKE, GO TO IN AND OUT BURGER!!!

1. THE SMELLS, OH GOD THE SMELLS! - One the first day of the one I went to in 2008, the entire convention center smelled like steak and onions and I wasn't anywhere near the food courts. People would slide down the most clench inducing consumables I'd ever witnessed. Quite a few people had this perpetual sheen on them that was akin to some kind of petroleum byproduct. I remember at the 2010 blizzcon, the swag bag actually had travel sized sticks of Degreee deodorant and that people must have gotten the message because it didn't smell nearly as bad that time around.

2. Wait times - It's Blizzcon, so it's going to be crowded. Plan your two days around what you want to do by priority and get there when it opens. I'm sure there have been improvements, but the store lines for both times i've gone were lengthy in wait.

3. Airports being Airports - If your travel method is flying, make sure the airport isn't going to have a problem with the goods you bring back from blizzcon. I remember one of those years they sold diablo stress balls to the attendees and a good number of them got confiscated at security checkpoints.

All in all, I had an absolute blast both times and it makes for an even better experience to go or meet up with friends or guildmates. 

There you have it. To all of those going enjoy!

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