Thursday, November 5, 2015

Warcraft Trailer Teaser

So I know this week is supposed to be all about Blizzcon, and it is but how could I not mention the teaser trailer that seems to have taken the world by a storm. Now Blizzard has officially announced the trailer will debut at Blizzcon now but the 15 seconds we got has shown us quite a bit. We all knew there was going to be CG. The orcs in the Warcraft Universe are much different than the orcs in the Token universe. You can also see the lines being drawn from the time of Orcs vs Humans. One of the reasons Duncan Jones got this directing job when others didn't was that he was going to be doing Humans good, Orcs bad scenario. There is good and bad on every side and I am glad they will be doing this right.

What can I say though. After watching the teaser all I want is to see more and I am truly excited what the movie itself will bring. It is really going to be a long wait till June 10th.

For those living under a rock though here is the teaser!

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