Friday, November 20, 2015

Too Soon...

Friday, which if you are from around here means it is time for the Reader Post. You know the post of the week where I leave it to one of you to send something in which you would think everyone would be interested in. Well this week I chose a rant from Ravenmoon. Now I will say I think this rant is rather early since we don't know much about Legion yet. But if it comes to pass then it certainly has a point. So will leave you with that, enjoy!

Amidst the information packed expansion, lore, zones, grand scale invasion, and what seems to be the start of the massive legion plot, something I think they and us have all missed and will become quite painfully clear once the news is digested... is the big hole where OUR night elves should be.
Where are they? and why are they absent from their homecoming? Why are they not taking centre stage in the narrative? ... this is their land, they're most familiar with the territory, secrets history, every other one of us [horde/alliance] is blind in comparison and they are the leading race against the Legion .. shouldn't we have been seeing Tyrande instead of Varian in that cinematic?

... most followers of the lore will begin to notice this soon... how would night elves like Tyrande Whisperwind, Mordant Evenshade, the priesthood and druids and those who've been around for 10,000 years - and lead the world twice against the Legion ...

Tyrande's homecity is Suramar, she'd know it so well.. you would definitely want to see their reaction to seeing it was saved, and delight to see survivors thriving and that turned to horror when they learn they opened up to the legion after standing against it for nearly 10,000 years .

Why is it Varian leading the charge and not Tyrande ? I can understand Varian being in the thick of it, not expecting to comeback and writing to his son, but on the ground, I would expect it would be Tyrande and our night elves marshaling and leading the factions against the Legion they know so well on HOME turf they know so well.

It's a huge omission - what have they planned? or did they actually forget? I was a bit surprised they used Dalaran and not some campaign to reclaim Suramar after which it becomes a night elf lead neutral city they launch the final thrust against Gul'dan and the legion're going to read and play Warcraft story and wonder why our night elves are not at the centre of our offensive.

So what do you think? Is this something to worry about or should we wait and see? Guess we will all just have to wait and see. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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