Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Not My Turkey Day Notes

So here we are in the middle of the week. The week itself being known as Not My Turkey Day week. There is plenty of things to go on and on about. I decided to go with the most notable things which happen this week and for the most part starting today and lasting till Sunday evening. So here we go

5. Declaring People Missing

How many of you have ever played an MMO? I am assuming most of you have. We all have those people on our friends list that never seem to log off. Whatever it is they are always around even if they are just sitting in town somewhere. Something weird happens on Not My Turkey Day. They logoff. The logical conclusion is that they are celebrating, but no one ever makes that conclusion. It it always about them being kidnapped or were they killed because you just can't picture them not being online

4. Better Competition

With many people off and doing their turkey things the player pool tends to get better. The ones who are online are the lifers or happen to not be celebrating Not My Turkey Day. This tends to reflect in the player pool being a lot more competitive because of people avoiding this time and people just not being on during the period.

3. Longer Queues

With the player pool being smaller it is also noted that queue times starting today tend to be quite longer. Just means that you are better served playing with friends. Hope you have some.

2. Catching Up With Randos

So come holidays you always tend to get random messages. Be it in game or text messages. These tend to mostly be from people you got the same type of messages from the last holiday.

1. Black Friday Sales From The Comfort Of My Own Home

So I guess it is a big deal to line up way before the sale happens to get some sort of door prize. I prefer just to sit and home and look at the sales online and not get trampled, but hey that could just be me.

There you have this week's list. What do you plan on doing the rest of the week? Or what are you looking forward to or not looking forward to?

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