Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Background Lore

Something which most if not all of you know is that I am very interested in the lore behind this game we play. This expansion also has done a great job at expanding on the lore in quests and zones. I have talked about how they have adopted the "zone lore" idea and have kept to it. I have also talked about how they developed the lore much better within the instances and with the development of cutscenes to make us feel like we are more apart of the whole experience.

Now all that has to do with in game. Something they cannot do in game effectively in game is tell you background story or get you in specific lore character's head. Blizzard not too long ago started this process of getting us to know the specific leaders of the Horde and Alliance better. Over the next little while Blizzard will be giving us a short story about each of the leaders. They have done Garrosh Hellscream with Heart of War and Genn Greaymane with Lord of His Pack. They are good reads and really let you know more about each of the specific leaders.

So for all the lore lovers who said I haven't thrown you a bone lately there you have it. To the people that really don't have the patience to read the novels these are only 7 page stories so you really can't say they are too time consuming. So take the time to read them and learn something.

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  1. I really don't have the drive to level a worgen so learning about Genn in this way is actualyl extremely helpful