Friday, January 21, 2011

Raiding Is Fun Again

So it is Friday and is the custom on Friday's is to have the Reader Post. The post where you all write in your submissions to the topic of the week. This week I asked you to send in stories about you and the new raiding content. So without making you wait longer here it goes.

We have a Warlock who has connection issues. Her roommate is not very considerate and starts huge torrents while we’re raiding. She frequently lags out and then we hear over vent “I’m going to kill that b!@$%” The other day in BWD every time she would get on an elevator the lag was so bad she couldn't get off. By the time she got moving the elevator was already going back down. She kept dying over and over again to our delight at the cost of her sanity. We eventually had to have to have the other Warlock summon her up to the group so she wouldn't get on the elevator.

We were about to start clearing the trash to Magmaw and as we enter the room, one of our mages appeared to be quite fidgety. So he starts strafing left and right because the raid leaders is going over trash or something. Before you know it, the mage goes from the raid group to the middle of a dragonkin trash group and promptly dies, but not before he pulled everything and wiped the raid. Turns out his blink key was bound to his “f” key. I can say with absolute confidence that he no longer has blink bound to a key.

So my guild has been pretty successful thus far and have been killing Magmaw without issues the past couple weeks. We go in this week and didn't have enough damage for parasites, the tank is dying and it is overall a mess. Everyone starts bitching at everyone else telling them they are not doing there job. Then I notice when I zoned back in from running back that it says "Welcome to Blackwing Descent 25 player, this instance is due to reset in etc etc"

Our main tank hails from Tazmania so he has connection issues every now and then just from the distance. They’re not that bad since he’s still our MT. This story actually has nothing to do with that, but he did disconnect in the middle of a boss fight. He had apparently been running some kind of utility in the background and it popped a window up in the middle of a fight. He didn’t really look at it, just clicked to get rid of it. After a few seconds it dawns on him that the utility wanted to restart his computer and he had just OK’ed it to do so. His toon is standing still and all we hear is “Oh, no!” The funny thing was his tone of voice, it was very quiet and he really sounded like a little kid. He had actually said “Oh, no! My computer’s going to restart.” but he got cut off when it actually shut down. It’s become a running joke in the guild any time something goes wrong we all say “Oh, no!”

I was in the Throne of Four winds on the Wind platform when I got hit by the wind blast it promptly hit me into the transfer point which leads back to the staging area and then I some how flew right out of the instance. Still cannot explain how it happened. Seems those wind paths are unpredictable.

That is it for this week hope you all enjoyed it. Look for next week's topic during Ask Gauss if you would like to be apart of all the fun. Enjoy your weekend and hopefully it is not as cold for you as it is for me.


  1. OMG I have always wondered if anyone else had made that 10 and 25 man mistake as I have lol

  2. I did that 25 man mistake on OS. We had 0 dragons up on farm and finally had a group that would probably succeed with 1 or more dragons up. We could not, for the life of us, figure out why the MT would die after three hits from the trash. He'd even gotten an upgrade 2 days before the raid. We were running back and I happened to notice the "flag" on the mini map said "25" on it. In chat I said, "Uh oh." One of the healers said, "Don't tell me this was set for 25 man." I quipped, "Okay, I won't." It's a running joke now. If I do the raid invites, one of the first things said is, "Is this set for 10 or 25 man?"