Monday, January 17, 2011

My Druid Friend Tombrady

So on Saturday I was doing my heroic and got Deadmines. Although, they have made Deadmines much more as some would say playable it still seems people have issues with it. Our original group made it to the Foe Reaper where of course we had a healer who was completely fail and even after I explained the fight had no clue what to do and went on to wipe us. He ended up leaving, most likely because he knew what I was going to say to him. So after that in comes my new druid friend Tombrady. To really explain how epic this player was let me divide this into boss fights.

Foe Reaper

When he joined he said "I hate this boss". Maybe he hated it because he just stood there when he was the harvest target, or maybe because he thought overdrive meant hug the boss. We wiped 3 times on this boss and after every attempt I tried to kick him only to find out he couldn't be kicked for almost 50 minutes. Really Blizzard? Someone who sucks this bad needs to be kicked and now the system punishes the players who don't want to play with people who are horrible. We eventually killed the boss, but only because I was able to kill the last 5% as the reaper. Go me!


This was an experience because if I thought he was a bad healer before he only made things worse. We wiped once at a point where tank damage was nothing and we lost our lock. We had a new lock join and asked what the problem was and why we wiped. I simply said "Our healer sucks, but he is still here so we still have that problem." He didn't like that comment, but what was he going to say. I was beginning to think Bagellord switched servers and was now a healer. We pulled again and wiped and was the healers fault once again. Still couldn't kick him because of the brilliant system, and no matter how hard I tried to piss him off to make him leave he was still there. We were able to kill him on the next pull but that was only when we had the ret pally in the group starting to help and heal.


We one shotted Cookie, but with no thanks to the healer. He died at about 55% and we self healed through the rest of it. When the fight was over he said "wow that was hard". Hard for him because apparently not standing in green crap is difficult for this idiot.


He died in the fire, he ported to the ship, we then spent 10 minutes explaining to him how to get to us, he got to us and died in the fire. He was rezzed, and died in the fire. All the while the 4 of us are able to dodge the fire and the falling ice. We just decided to pull the mini boss and killed him without a healer. We did the spiders without a healer because he some how died to them. Then came Super Mario and guess what, he some how lived it was as if the WoW gods had pity on him. When we actually pulled the boss well let's just say he found it impossible to use the rope swing and died. He came back and died again. We ended up wiping because we didn't have enough heals. So you would think logically that the next pull he would be able to do the rope swing right? Of course not, he died again, but we some how were able to kill her and the nightmare was over.

So congrats to the new druid friend to the Gauss Nation Tombrady you will never be forgotten


  1. I find it amusing his name was Tombrady

  2. He just wanted to get a mention in your blog.


  3. The name "Tom Brady" will appear in future Webster's dictionary as:

    Tom Brady (definition, slang) - will only be successful under a very specific situation, when removed from sitation, the person who is nicknamed "tom brady" will catastrophically fail in everything he or she does.