Saturday, January 1, 2011

Raise A Glass

I am going to show you a video which is a tribute to all the Lore Characters throughout the World of Warcraft that we have lost through the past year. It is done to the song "New Lang Syne" by Jim's Big Ego and I must say the organization behind it and placement of the photos was perfect. These could have been lost the Cataclysm or other circumstances regardless they are no longer with us. So we will do do what is deserved "Raise A Glass"

You all will be dearly missed. Best was saved for last in my opinion. Miss you Cairne /salute Ish-ne-halo-por-ah.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! May your recovery from last night be less painful than expected


  1. /Raise Glass

    Happy New Year Gauss

  2. cheers to my boy Cairne