Friday, December 31, 2010

Noobs of the Year

So with it being New Years Eve this was a very special edition for the Reader Post this week. I wanted you all to submit your votes for the Noob of the Year. Of course, you couldn't just say someone without saying something as to why this would be the case. So as I expected I got so many submissions for this it was almost too much to go through. It seems everyone wants to make sure they get their say on who should get this "award". Anyways without making all of you wait here is the top 10 vote getters.

10) Darowen. A tank that seem to have trouble with some of the simplest tasks such as putting bosses in the correct location when asked. Holding aggro after more than enough time and of course listening to advice was almost near impossible. Here is my favourite submissions vote quote "I always loved it when she yelled over vent I'M TRYING when she was just standing in place doing nothing". Congrats Darowen here is your achievement for getting 10th place.

9) Red Shirt Guy. You see I don't really understand how Red Shirt Guy is a noob since all he did was tell it how it is and wanted everything to be correct. But I don't control who people vote for. Here was my favourite vote quote "The least he could do was to make sure he knew how to talk into a mic. I swear to god that is the only reason this got any press because he seemed like he was a total moron, but yet knew more about the game then makers." So here you go Red Shirt Guy your achievement

8)The Lich King. So apparently many people think the Lich King is a noob because he had so many opportunities to kill us and chose not to. Then, of course, the very people he let live come and kill him. Kind of ironic isn't it? Anyways here is the voter quote. "If only I could have seen Arthas' face when he realized Tiron got out of that Iceblock. You should have just thrown him off the edge." So here you go Arthas your achievement

7)The Server Ragnaros. It seems that everyone knows they are in for a treat when they have to group with people from this server. You would think this could be one of those situations where a couple bad apples spoil it for everyone, but then I wouldn't receive story day after day of how bad the players from Ragnaros were. "I swear Blizzard must have some sort of secret IQ test they do when they pick your server and if you fail they force you to play on ragnaros". So congrats Ragnaros you earned this one.
6)Riders of the Sparkle Pony. You know I said I was never going to do a blog topic on this again because the uproar caused by this mount was nothing sort of sensational. Who can ever forget the TRH: That retarded horse video. Or this pony is what spawn Nub Tales on to us all. I know when I see someone on one of these horse I just shake my head and do a real life facepalm. "the best thing I ever heard was from the TRH video "you can now pretend you killed Algalon" I wonder how many people shoot themselves for paying $25 for that stupid mount". So you sparkle pony riders here is your achieve.
5)PvPer with no PvP trinket. This was forever immortalized in the Nub Tales episode Rockhorn. Where he says "What kind of scrub PvPs with no PvP trinket" So with all of the of the submissions with this I guess it really should be awarded to our pal from that video Killmeo. Congrats to all you nooblet pvpers with your non trinket wearing selves. Be proud you made it to #5 and earned this
4)Wrath Babies. With Cataclysm upon us and the game getting back to a more skillful and diffiuclt style of play we have all seen them among us. The Wrath Babies who really have a clue at all how to play the game correctly. Here would be one readers explanation of her encounter with a wrath baby "It's really hard some days, not to bang my head on my desk. I'm trying to be a teacher here. A raid is only as good as its weakest link, but I tell you, when you get comments like that, you just think, No wonder we're called 'hunt-ards'." So congrats you Wrath Babies you have earned spot #4
3)Soad. Now people didn't vote directly for him in all the cases they just stated someone qho died over and over without a doubt to Sindragosa's Blistering Cold spell. Since Soad was nominated for the same reason I am sure he would be glad to be the namesake for them all. For some people the concept of running away from a dragon that is going to cast a giant explosion must have been difficult. It was always a running joke for me that if Soad's house was about to explode he would not make it out. He would stand there stare at it and when he died he would wonder what the hell just happened. "Really one of the easiest concepts. RUNAWAY seems to be so difficult for people. Sometimes this really makes me scared for the future of our world." So congrats to all of our Blistering Cold buddies, but Soad is going to take this one and wear it proud!
2)Metapod. I don't think there has ever been a player who thought he was the greatest gift to anything and then was in fact so horrible. Metapod is like the Kayne West of WoW. Whenever you enter an argument with yours truly make sure you have some semblance what you are talking about. Also starting a forum thread saying you are the greatest warrior WoW has ever seen is really not the way to get people to think you are something. The first step to that would be, of course, trying to not be a horrible warrior. "I have never seen someone so horrible think he was god greatest gift. How does something like this actually happen?". Congrats Metapod on #2 and of course this achievement

1)Bagellord. With an overwhelming victory Bagellord has been crowned Noob of the Year for the second year in a row. I just don't know what to say about a guy who has basically done it all in the domain of noobishness. There can really only be one Bagellord. Now I didn't get this following story from someone who voted for Bagellord, but it is a Bagellord story nonetheless. "As I do once a week, I had went to the mall nearest to my work for my lunch break. I was on my auction house app as this kid, roughly around 14, walks up to me to comment on myself playing WoW. Since I was with a coworker and did not want to spark any conflict between us I politely talked to this young boy. He had seen one of my characters on Llane and proceeded to tell me that he had played on Llane with his (and I quote) "..deathknight where everyone knew him.." thinking about who it may have been I had made up an excuse and went back to work early....... Never in my life was I this terrified..... Could it have been baggellord??" Congrats Bagellord on another successful year.

So there you have it everyone. The Noobs of the Year chosen by you. I want to thank everyone who put in a submission and everyone who throughout the year has participated in the Reader Posts. Happy New Year!! May this coming year bring you everything you are looking for.


  1. CONGRATS BAGELLORD!!!! I could only imagiine if he had an acceptance speech lol

  2. Bagellord ftw. There can only be one!

  3. Aww, but I love Daro!
    She was always up for danceing naked in Org with me.

  4. Congrats Darowen

    For a chick you did good. Much better than some other tanks I know and lasted much longer. :)

  5. Oh man the Bagellord himself in the flesh scary thoughts indeed

  6. I remember those Metapod posts very good times. I don't know how I could pick anyone sadly because I come across so many everytime I log on. To all those who made the list "congrats"

  7. That was myself who sent in the baggellord story :(

  8. I lol'd hard the day Soad stood still during the part with Sindragosa and everyone jumped on him like he was pancakes with no butter, oh man you had to be there!!! Good times good times.

  9. @Aloodanis

    I am sorry you had to go through such a terrifying expierence.

  10. Do not used your real name if you were to play WoW for the first time. You might feel embarrassed when you find out that your included in the "WoW Noob of the Year" lists.