Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You Fail At Cataclysm If...

So Tuesday is upon us and what does that mean? Fail Day, of course, and really who doesn't love Fail Day? You are either laughing your ass off or completely insulted, and either way that works for me. We have been playing Cataclysm for a week so I think I would throw these fails out there.

You Fail At Cataclysm If...
  • You roll disenchant on a BoE blue in an instance
  • You have attempted to fly over the great divide while heading to an archaeology dig site
  • You couldn't do the seahorse quest in Vashj'ir
  • You died to the Whale Shark
  • You are spam healing in instances
  • You died more than once to Geddon
  • You are running in Deathwing's fire attempting to get the achievement
  • You still are not using CC
  • You are not in the guild for the benefits
  • You are complaining in trade that no one is doing the Northrend weekly raid
  • You repeatably ask why you cannot get more rep with you guild
  • You don't enjoy cutscenes
  • You buy greens off the Auction House to replace your current gear
  • In Vortex Pinnacle you fall off

and finally

  • You enjoy Heroic Deadmines

That is it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this week's edition of fail. Be sure to poke fun at your friends and guildies if they made the list. Happy grinding!


  1. Deadmines.... someone shoot me

  2. It wasn't my fault when I flew off the mob shot me off.

  3. Does it count if you purposely jumped off VP? Because i thought that golden orb achievement was awesome!

  4. Just found your blog and really get a kick out of your humor. After reading it, I did notice that I have truly failed at Cataclysm...

    1. BoE? Whaas dat?
    2. But the mini map told me to?!
    3. There's a seahorse quest? In where?
    4. Uhm, my quest told me I had to brush his teeth.
    5. Spam heal? I use a macro to heal with bandages
    6. Geddon, Is that Gamon's brother? Thats why he's so mad now...
    7. Fire? My pixels are so bad on my Commodore 64 that I thought it was just a bad breath visual.
    8. CC, as in Coca Cola? Nah, I do the dew
    9. What benefits? I know not what you speak of.
    10. You know, I was wondering why noone was answering my spam....
    11. No one wants me in a guild. I had to make my own....
    12. I was wondering why I was drowning and couldn't do anything....I replaced my batteries in my mouse before I even realized that I wasn't controlling my toon. (that's actually true, I thought the scene was done)
    13. Greens? Nah. Blues. I wear plate, but currently have a cloth chest. But I ain't wearing greens... =)

    As for 14 and 15, I prefer to plead the fifth.

    Thanks for the post, I got a kick out of it. Come by and check out my blog, I personally guarantee it's the worst you have seen. Or your money back.

    ALTOs Gold"ish" Advise- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!