Thursday, December 9, 2010

Land Of The Cutscene

As promised today I am going to talk a little about my questing experience. So if you don't want any spoilers I would suggest not reading this. Now since I said something don't mass mail me and complain that I spoiled things for you.

So far Uldum has been my favourite. It started out with a pretty entertaining cutscene where you are captured and the break yourself out. You go on to help the empire of the Tol'vir to defeat their enemies in which you participate in some great quests. Also not your average quests these were extremely well designed and entertaining, but this wasn't even the best part of the zone.

The best part of the zone comes from our pal Harrison Jones. I don't think there has ever been a better questline in WoW. Blizzard really wanted this questline to have a great story and be done right and they achieved this by having countless cutscenes. Some of them even just for the most minor of details, like traveling to a new quest hub. It comes down to a point where there is a cutscene after basically every quest you complete. Now the quests from this line are some of the most fun and craziest you will ever do. There is a bombing of a mountain side, an epic escape where you are the gunner of a plane, a mission impossible type bombing quest, show down with a crazed beast, dressing up as an officer to increase work production, you are almost killed by a firing squad, and so much more.

I have heard so many people are skipping Uldum and going right to the Highlands. Don't. This is by far the best zone and collection of quests Blizzard has ever come up with. Well worth your time, trust me.


  1. I can't get over "harrison jones and the temple of Uldum"

  2. I'm working through Hyjal and I have to say that, so far, I'm not that impressed. I have not been to Vashj and just dinged 81 last night. I have so many other things I want to do, too. Stop telling me the story line in Westfall is epic and I need to do it! I have to work and couldn't take time off to play 20 hours a day. [end rant]

    Is anyone else more than a little annoyed with the really quick mob respawn? I was on the Twilight Ledge last night and spent 10 minutes just trying to get to the stinkin' portal to summon the wolf. Mobs kept respawning, some on top of me. I loot everything and sell everything I get so I want the cash and don't want to leave sparkling bodies. But, at one point, I seriously thought about doing that. I like a quicker respawn timer so there are adequate mobs for people to kill, but it seems they might have gone the other way. [end of second rant]

    I do like, finally, Gnomer. What they did to my absolute least favorite vanilla 5-man has made it really fun. Sorry gnomes. If taking back Gnomer means losing what the designers did, you shouldn't get it back.


  3. I actually really enjoyed the questing experience up to 85. Although i have to say that I didn't quite complete the entire Harrison Jones questline yet. Honestly I wasn't too thrilled with Vashj'ir..I left almost right after i hit 82, maybe that's because the area was way overpopulated but who knows. So far Deepholm was my favorite questing area was the Twilight Highlands, just the intro to the area was awesome, you come in as a fleet of zeppelins and then get attacked by a fleet of drakes! Yeah Gimm I completely understand where you're coming from with the extremely fast respawn rate...some of the Highland dwarf NPCs would respawn 2 or three at a time on the same spot I had just killed one...I was barely able to even get the quest items (the food) I needed. Overall I feel that the leveling in Cata was the best leveling experience so far in the game.