Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You Fail At Waiting In Line If...

So I waited in line to get my Collector's Edition Cataclysm. It was freezing outside, but it is Canada so I guess that is to be expected in December. It is Tuesday,which means it is Fail Day and it is the first Fail Day of Cataclysm. So let's get to it.

You Fail At Waiting In Line If...
  • You are there bragging that your guild cleared Naxx
  • You were the only person in line for 6 hours because you thought the need to start waiting at 4pm
  • You show up with doughnuts hoping to get a better spot in line
  • You are that guy walking up and down the line for a smoke
  • You forgot your wallet and couldn't buy the game when you got inside
  • You tell everyone you play a Male bloodelf and are proud of it
  • You sat in a spray painted chair with the Warcraft symbol on it
  • You let your girlfriend convince you to go home when you only have to wait 20 more minutes
  • You were a random drunk or high guy who preached to the lineup about John Lennon's death anniversary coming up
  • You were actually one of the people in line for Inception
  • You said no to the free stuff offered to you
  • You bought the strategy guide
  • You were behind the guy who got the last collectors edition
  • You left your lights on and your car wouldn't start when you went back to it after you bought the game
and finally
  • You waiting in line in the freezing cold when you could have just downloaded it.

And that is it the first Cataclysm Fail Day. Happy leveling


  1. nothing makes waiting in line better than when a random drunk guy walks by.

  2. I have one to add also...You fail at waiting in line if when you get to the store there is no line and the store is closed.