Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Pain Of Being A Tauren

So first let me say that I love being a Tauren and really there is no other race that I would have chosen. I love the lore behind them, where they have come from, and who can forget Cairne the tauren of taurens who inspired me to roll one. With that though there are things to expect when you play a tauren.
  • You can't mount up and run into buildings
  • When bridges have overhangs you won't fit under them without dismounting
  • Whenever you are on a mount you will some how be in someone's way
  • You are not very stealthy
  • Your boots are more like anklets
  • Cramped spaces make it hard to do anything

So of all those things let us go back to the last one. Blizzard for Cataclysm has made Shadowfang Keep a heroic instance. This is great. We can go back and visit an old instance and an instance that was hardly ever visited by those of Kalimdor descent. So what is the problem with this? Well Shadowfang keep is a very cramped place. Being a Tauren in this instance is extremely difficult. Blizzard has this thing with self adjusting the camera angle to benefit you. In spaces such as this, as a tauren, this is a nightmare. I am zoomed in to have a rafter in my face where I cannot see anything that is going on. I can be perfect one instant and take a step one way or another and I can no longer see anything except a wall. I am finding myself on the bosses unable to actually see any of the bad stuff I shouldn't be standing in, and it is very frustrating.

Does Blizzard know about this problem? Over the years they have had to know that this has been an issue and it is above and beyond the little things above that I have come to love about being a Tauren. I shouldn't have to use and item that shape shifts me in order to actually preform and not look like an idiot in an instance. I really have no suggestion on how to fix this except maybe making the ceilings slightly higher, but that is it. This truly is something that is a detriment to actually being able to play the game effectively.


  1. I completely argee. I knew this was going to be a probably when I was leveling my druid alt. This was just it on normal and it was pretty much impossible to do anything. I guess you actually have to play a tauren for this to be a problem. I wonder if this is an issue for Draenei as well?

  2. Yep. I play as a Draenai shaman and I find myself having to keep a stack of Savory Deviate Delights in my bag at all times for cases such as this. But even with all those issues, I wouldn't race change my character.

  3. At the other end of the spectrum, I hate stairs. BC had stairs everywhere. It's great for hauling out the macro, "Where do these stairs go?", but LOS? Forget about it.

    "At the top of these stairs is a group. We'll need to fight them toward the top."

    Those words just make me shudder. "Gimm! Don't run to the top! They'll see you."

    But that's the ONLY way I'm going to see them. "Target not in line of sight." I just want to throttle the designer who thought short people would do well on stairs.

    Cramped quarters are bad for anyone. Get into some of these small areas with a draenei and you're looking at their cloak, their tail, the wall, or I have no idea but I think I'm inside this guy. I guess it's to give us a challenge, to make us think. I think I need to do the Dal cooking dailies for a week to get more Baby Spice.