Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well whats to say of this new secondary profession of ours? Well I have a few things to describe it. Time consuming, boring, mind numbing, and makes you think of suicide. You see I have completed some very grindish things in WoW. I did Argent Dawn rep the old fashion way with the cauldron quests, Timbermaw when it was insane, Cenarion Circle when it was all about cultist suits, and who can forget being a High Warlord. So to say the least I have done many things in this game that have been extremely grindy.

So why is it then that this is just so painful for me, and I am only at level 68 with it. I am not saying that I won't be leveling it up because we all know that it will happen anyway. Maybe you all have had issues doing this as well. I know it is something new and I should be more excited to do it, but sadly no. It could also be that I am just collecting things and not really making anything out of them at all. So who knows maybe when I start making things rather than collecting seemingly useless things it will get much better, but we shall see.

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