Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You Fail At Cata Heroics If...

So it is another Tuesday, which means it is Fail Day, and who doesn't love Fail Day. It is in our nature to laugh and poke fun at others for our personal enjoyment. So I see Fail Day as a service to everyone. I know you can all send your thank you cards to me whenever you wish. So without making you wait for the good stuff any longer here goes.

You Fail At Cata Heroics If...
  • You are a healer who didn't spec into cleanse magic
  • You are too good to interrupt
  • You are amazing at speading friendly fire damage
  • You stand and look to the heavens when beams of light appear
  • You attempt to hex or polymorph an Undead
  • Mobs that explode constantly throw you off the edge or pull more trash
  • You frequently say "There is a teleportor?"
  • As the tank you tell someone the wrong CC to use and then complain when they use the one you said
  • The concept of standing in the triangle so you don't die is a difficult one
  • You lost your camel
  • You wonder why everyone is yelling at you when you are casting blizzard
  • Kill adds?
  • You get a rez timer attempting to play Super Mario Brothers in Deadmines
  • You are wearing dps gear to tank with because that is all questing gave you

and finally

  • After 45 minutes in a queue you take a bio break only to come back and miss the queue

That is it for this week all. Keep on doing those heroics or bashing your head against a wall. Well for some of you those two options might be one and the same...


  1. In my defense I was lagging in while trying to get through the lazers...

  2. There is nothing worse then waiting for your queue that long and then missing if with something stupid. Makes me want to punch kittens