Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You Fail At Dailies If...

Happy Tuesday everyone! Tuesday being everyone's favourite day of the week, because it is Fail Day. Like honestly, who doesn't love Fail Day? You read the lines and you either laugh, tell a friend of yours Gauss ripped them, or look around and be ashamed because that is all on you. Since it is the start of an expansion and everyone is up and doing those wonderful reputation grinds I thought this was the prefect fit. So shall we?

You Fail At Dailies If...
  • You don't do them
  • You didn't know there was a portal to Therazane's Throne in the Temple of Earth
  • You keep trying to get those food supplies in the ruins of Thundermar when it is under attack
  • You kill Pebble
  • Hit the crystal and stand around and wonder wtf you are supposed to do now
  • You bitch and complain someone tagged Glop when you started the event
  • You don't /wave at the opposite faction kills adds while you blow up the keg
  • Tank kills you while you are swimming looking for crates
  • Your prisoner in Farson Keep is more retarded than the average prisoner from Farson Keep
  • The worm of death kills you
  • You let the swim speed buff run out before starting the fishing daily
  • You are leveling your cooking from 0 using the cooking daily
  • You attempt to do the unlockable Tol Barad dailies when it is 20 minutes to the battle
  • You don't laugh every time you get the quest "Magnets how do they work?" quest

and finally

  • You don't enjoy whacking pygmies with a mallet

That is it for this week hope you all enjoy it. Keep on doing those dailies and getting up those reps everyone wants you to get up. And, of course, ride your camels with pride.


  1. LOL gotta love those pygmy people

  2. It is not my fault my prison runs back and forth and back into the keep. I refuse to be called fail because my prisoner is fail!

  3. I have to agree with Gobottle--Just because my prisoner won't get his fat tauren self up on a horse and go doesn't mean I fail!!! lol