Friday, December 3, 2010

A Whole New World Of Fun

Happy Friday everyone. The start of the last weekend before Cataclysm is live. This is your last chance to get everything together before the expansion craze takes over. Being Friday though it is time for the weekly Reader Post. This week I asked people to send in the times they died or got lost in the new Azeroth. Think this will make everyone feel better.

I know you are going to call me an idiot, but I honestly spent like 45 minutes trying to get across the Great Divide by jumping across. I almost did it a few times. Is this on purpose by Blizzard to give you the hope of making it and you try again and again. Still now the only way I know to get across is by going all the way around. Can't wait till we can use flying mounts and we can just fly over.

When doing the quest in Southern Barrens from the High Road I accidentally clicked off my rope buff and plummeted to my death. Yes rather embarrassing.

I jumped from the top of Orgrimmar to the Valley of Wisdom, because I refuse to wait for those slow ass elevators. Didn't I some how manage to hit the little bridge and add to my death by falling total.

There is this daily fishing quest in Stormwind where you have to swim around and grab things in the harbour. They didn't inform us that there are level 85 fish who have decided to make a home in the harbour now. Lets just say only Pallys will be doing this quest at the moment.

I got kill by Deathwing in Winterspring thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I was taking a bunch of screenshots with the fire and everything. So I finished all my quests and decided to head to the Swamp of Sorrows. Being a mage I opened a portal to Stonard ported in and the skies went red and Deathwing came by. Let me say it wasn't as cool the second time.

That is it for this week. If you want to be part of next week's Reader Post look for the topic during Ask Gauss on Sunday. Enjoy your last weekend before Cataclysm is upon us.


  1. The Great Divide is a no fly zone you can't even fly across yu will be dismount and will still have to die in the lava

  2. How come org has no such killer fish?

  3. The fishing daily in the Stormwind Harbor is easy. 1) get the water breathing debuff. You can be in the water for a full 5 minutes. 2) run the docks, fast, until you see the shark. Chances are very good someone will have either killed him or will be killing him. (Yes, I have solo'd him but I'm a hunter and have a pet.) 3) Run Away! to another section of dock where the shark ain't. 4) Find a lobster crate. Camp it. You might have to float up to get a breath after collecting lobsters. The crate seems to spawn slower than the amount of air you have off the debuff. So click on the crate, float up, breath, swim down.

    If that doesn't work, ask a gnome to serve as bait, I mean, look out...yes...that's what I meant. NO! You can't borrow mine.