Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tol Barad

So let me first say that I enjoy this zone quite a bit. The daily quests, although time consuming, are not free money since they are not super easy. This to me is a good thing because players actually have to earn the gold from the daily quests. So as a daily quest zone this is much better than the previous attempts of the Tournament Grounds and the Island of Quel'Danas. So I think Blizzard wins in this regard.

Now the other purpose of Tol Barad is the PvP zone. The battle itself is a lot of fun and I have never had a bad time participating in it. The fight isn't too long and it is a more open war type of battle than Wintergrasp, which was all about vehicles and blowing things up. Also the way to balance it between sides and not have a tenacity buff was a great idea. Being on a server that is very Alliance heavy it got old really quickly. One of the main problems with Wintergrasp was that on even terms and not a group full of idiots and morons there would not be problems in taking Wintergrasp back and you would get a pretty even split. So basically even if you did everything you could it was hard to defend on even footing.

So with Tol Barad they changed this and make it much more strategic and the problem which at least from what I have seen and what I have heard from other servers is that Tol Barad is extremely hard to take. Now this has been great for us Horde side on my server because we have controlled the zone probably at least 95% of the time. My fear is that on some servers because this is a hard zone to take there will be boycotts and the faction that keeps getting the short end of the stick will just not partake in the battle. This would make an extremely well designed and thought out zone all for not, and no one wants that.

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  1. I am sure they could put some sort of buff in to help a team that has lost a set number of battles in a row. I don't want them to change the way the battle works because it is a lot of fun. WG just got stupid where you would just stack seiges or snipe the door from 200 yards away