Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

So in Canada and other places throughout the world it is Boxing Day. A holiday, which has many points of origin, but comes down to the fact that it was given as a break to workers for their work throughout the year. No one really recognizes Boxing Day as that anymore. Most people see Boxing Day as a day where anything and everything is on sale. So I decided today I was going to apply Boxing Day logic to WoW and show you how some of all these "Sales" don't make sense.

So you know those mats from the Burning Crusade that you still haven't been able to sell. Well make a trade macro and say 80% off just to get people to whisper you to see what you have. Then, of course, they check it out and realize it is a bunch of crap no one needs.

You pawn off all the items you have made for getting your profession up so you can get more gold to craft your blues and epics to sell them at ridiculous prices.

You log on early to sell your goods just to get people to do so as well. This therefore gives you the false sense of sales on that day because you started 8 hours earlier then any other day.

You have 20 people all on mammoths all trying to get their mail from the same mailbox all at the same time. Everyone is yelling at the other to get out the way when if you all weren't selfish bastards you would realize you could do it one at a time.

So there is my little Boxing Day fun. If you are in the realm of Boxing Day are you hiding out at home or have you ventured into the great beyond? As a note Ask Gauss is being pushed to tomorrow because sadly with the holidays I haven't had enough time to go through all the questions and pick ones that I felt fit in the time situation I was in. So don't worry It will just be tomorrow.


  1. Sadly I went out this morning to buy a TV and it was insane.

  2. Hope you had a good Christmas Gauss