Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Final Chapter

Azerothian Super Villains has been around for a long time and has been a great series. Over this time it has supplied us all with laughs. No one will ever forget all the laughs Beckman has given us with all of the crew especially Kael'thas. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching them throughout the years I strongly recommend them to anyone. You will laugh i guarantee it.

Here is the description

"Made up of the most evil of all of Azerothian's evil villains, the "Azerothian Super Villains" are by the far the most evil and corrupt. Core members Illidan, Kael'thas, and Archimonde attempt at their evil plans of taking over the world every day! Will there plans come to fruition? Will they take over the world? Or will things simply become messed up as usual? Stay tuned!

In the final chapter, Episode 8, "The Day the Illidan Died," Illidan warns of his ultimate doom as Akama, Archimonde and the Super Villainlier Azerothians slowly inch to victory. With Kael'thas on his own adventure, will he realize that only he could be the only one to help his dear old friend? Will the new machine constructed by Illidan destroy the world? Will anyone be happy with the incongruity of this description?!"

Thanks for a wonderful series Ian Beckman I quite enjoyed all the laughs you have been the cause of these past years.


  1. "let's go kill Arthas, then Deathwing, then Thrall, then Blizzard and then Korea, LET'S KILL FUCKING EVERYTHING!"

    Omg that is an amazing line LMAO

  2. Kael'thas and his toy story