Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guild Reputation

So I understand that allowing the guild to gain experience too fast let's guilds level up too fast for Blizzard's liking and could cause what they think will be an imbalance. I have accepted that Blizzard isn't going to change their stance on this, even if I think just increasing the experience per level would really be the fix they were looking for. Well enough of that rant I know that isn't going to change. Guild Reputation is what bugs me. Why is there a weekly cap on this? This can actually turn out to be bad for the people who actually go out and do things for the guild since it doesn't keep a storage of rep earned when you were over the cap.

For example, someone does their dailies everyday and gets exalted with such and such a faction. What does someone do when they get exalted? Well they stop doing the dailies. They were getting rep every time they did the quests until, of course, they reached the cap for the week. The point is they still did the quests each day for the rest of the week because they wanted their reps up. Let's use me for an example I am exalted with Dragonmaw and Therazane. I don't want to do these dailies anymore because I am exalted.

Dragonmaw = 5 dailies x 30 rep each x 7 days = 1050 guild rep a week lost
Therazane = 7 dailies x 30 rep each x 7 days = 1470 guild rep a week lost

So I am punished for not being a casual player and losing rep each week for dailies I do not have to do anymore. I now have to find another method besides these to get this 2520 rep each week. Is this at all fair? So Blizzard for some reason doesn't want people to work hard for their guild and actually earn it. Why not have some sort of bank option if you want to hold people back each and every week.

Is this intended? Is it supposed to favour the casual player? I just think it is really a slap in the face for the people that keep up with what they are supposed to.


  1. Wow I actually thought it kept a bank. What is the purpose of the guild(total) contribution tracker then that you can sort the guild by?

  2. i'd agree seems like a system meant to screw over people who actualyl play

  3. I think Blizzard need to make a bit adjusts to Guild right now. The way that it's right now, small guilds wont get a lot of useful things, like feasts and cauldron flasks.

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