Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alliance vs Horde

Well I was going to do a post today on some of the cool things I have done in Cataclysm so far. But then I thought many of you might not have had the chance to see these things yet and I may be playing spoiler even if it wasn't on purpose. It would be more of an "oh you should make sure you do this quest because the event at the end is really cool." So instead of dealing with the "OMFG YOU RUINED IT ALL FOR ME" mails and such that I would be sure to get I was wondering what I should really post about on this the second day of the expansion. Well that is when I came across this video from Alliance vs Horde. For those of you who don't know Alliance vs Horde is basically a copy of the PC vs Mac commercials just redone for WoW. This is, of course, their Cataclysm spot and it really was extremely well done. So have a look.

Tomorrow you won't all be safe you have had another day and my questing exploits will be upon you!

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