Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ask Gauss

So here it is the last Ask Gauss before Tuesday and for all of those living in a box Cataclysm is upon us on Tuesday. I got a lot of questions this week about all things Cataclysm so I hope my choice of things to answer is helpful.

Where do you plan to level up to start, and are you going to instance grind?

I don't care what they have done to make swimming less of a pain. Increasing the speed and all of that. To me it seems like madness to level up essential in a starter zone underwater with an insane amount of people. This I believe will make me want to hate life. So I will be starting in Hjyal not that I eventually wont be going to Vash'jr to do the quests. It will be like Wrath when I went back to do Borean Tundra.

I have never been a fan of leveling using instances. I have always preferred to explore the Lore of a zone not to mention instancing just doesn't level you as quickly. Also with each zone having their own story I want to finish that story before I move on, but I also don't want the quests to be too low of a level when I complete them. Also another thing that questing gets you is ahead of the pack of people. Regardless of what zone you start in there is going to be mass amounts of people. Many of these people will stop and do instances several times. If you don't well then you get ahead and you can quest more peacefully and in a less crowded environment.

Will you be to busy leveling and grinding to post?

I will still be posting daily and really I think a lot of the posts will be a fun read. I am not going to post guides or anything like that because that really isn't my thing. If people ask, of course, I will tell them about my experiences and what I found to work out better. I will leave the guides to the people who write them. I will be more talking about a bugged quest mob that I cursed at for hours, the stupid deathknight who did something predictable, the rogue who ninja'd my quest mob, the warlock who tagged every mob in the zone, and who can forget the mage who is complaining about how hard leveling is. So let's just say typical Gauss stuff that you have all come to enjoy reading on a daily basis.

Do you plan on doing a Blog about your experience at the midnight launch?

I had not thought of this at all until you mentioned it. I think I can make this happen.

That is it for this week. As always if you would like your question answered you have to send it in. To do so click on the link at the top right of the blog or send them to Also this coming Friday's Reader Post is going to be who your first 24 hours of Cataclysm was. Don't hold back just tell it all.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend.

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