Monday, December 27, 2010

Ask Gauss

So I realize today is not Sunday. So to all you people who are going to be a smartass and tell me that it is not Sunday, please don't would rather have my inbox filled with something else. Anyways, even if it is a day late it is time for Ask Gauss. The post where I answer a couple of the questions I have been sent throughout the week. So here goes

How does Winter Veil rank among your WoW holidays?

Well it is not my favourite, but I really enjoy how Blizzard gets all into it with the Christmas trees and such. This year it has been even better. Running around doing archaeology and seeing all the smaller towns decortated you see and realize that now it just just not main cities and towns with the decorations, but everywhere. Even some random village out in Stranglethorn has Christmas Trees flanking the steps. Maybe this is the direction Blizzard is taking making holidays a game wide thing and not just isolated, and if this is true I will be all for it.

So it has been a few weeks what do you think of guild leveling?

Well I love the perks and I love the possible rewards, but I am thinking the actual ability to level seems too easy. Any active guild is going to max their XP each and everyday. So it is going to be every guild is 25 or they will be a guild just starting out. I don't know how they could have made this any better, because really it works the same way as character leveling accept there is a cap on daily XP so it evens everyone out. Maybe this is the thing that bothers me. There seems to be no advantage to the people who work harder on a daily basis. Oh well cannot please everyone I guess.

Did you get everything you wanted from Great Father Winter?

No, the bastard didn't send me a turtle.

That is it for this week. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is having a great holiday. For the next Reader Post I am going to go on with something that I started last year. I want your submissions for Noob of the Year. Send in the story and we will try to top the list from last year.


  1. Gauss it is not Sunday...

    Anyways sweet noob of the year FTW

  2. Guess you weren't a good tauren Gauss

  3. Are you still turtle-less, Gauss??? Brad & I both got one last week! :D