Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ask Gauss

So it is Sunday and just like every other Sunday it is time for Ask Gauss. The time of the week where I go through my questions I have received throughout the week and answer the ones I think you all would be interested in. If you still don't know how to send in your questions it is simple Just email them to and really that is it and I will do the rest. So without waiting any longer let's do this weeks questions.

What have you disliked about Cataclysm so far?

Simple, healers who have been unable or haven't tried to adapt. You see in Wrath health pools were at a point where if you weren't healed up right away to max then you would be seriously in threat of dying. In Cataclysm this is much different. Health pools have been increased substantially so that this isn't the case. Their is absolutely no reason for healers to make sure everyone is topped off anymore this will just lead to them running out of mana and unable to survive the encounter because of it. This is the major issue in heroics besides people being stupid and standing where they shouldn't be. This healing situation is intended so healers better get used to the new way of playing and not mindlessly healing.

What is your opinion on raiding at this point in the expansion?

Well one of the main problems I faced in Wrath was I push raiding right from the start. There was great success when we did it. I was part of the first 10 man clear in Naxx, the first horde 25 Naxx, first horde Sartharion, first Malygos, and first Sarth 3D. So the success was something that went very well. Problem was there was a long break till Ulduar and I had basically burned everyone out on raiding in the first tier of content. People quit the game, people started to play casually, and so on and so forth. I really didn't give people a chance to enjoy what the expansion had and rushed them into everything. Yes there was success, but then we were playing catch up for the rest of the expansion. So I have decided this expansion to ease more into it. I think this will get people really ready to raid when it happens and with Christmas close by I think they will also be thankful for it. I also think this will be much better for success in the future, but I guess we will have to wait and see for that.

Have you been killed by Deathwing yet?

This seems to be having the same issues of me getting a beta key.

That is it for this week. Remember to send in your questions and I will answer them. Whatever you may have been told I am not a mind reader. For those waiting for it the next Reader Post will be about your favourite achievement thus far in the expansion. Enjoy what is left of your weekend and the time left before Christmas.

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  1. Gearing is also more difficult so taking the time to make sure people are ready is worth it as well.